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5 reasons to skip new Blackmagic Pocket 6k (And get a 4k instead)

You probably heard about the new announcement from Blackmagic and their glorious 6K pocket camera. It is incredible what they are doing, and I went all crazy and almost got one. But, as much as this camera sounds amazing, before you click that preorder button, there are some obvious things to consider. And here are 5 reasons against the new Blackmagic Pocket 6K.

(Disclaimer - I currently have a pocket 4k, so it comes from someone who is kinda biased towards "new kid on the block". I will try to be as logical as possible)

Reason 1.

Do we really NEED 6k resolution?

The current state of affairs reminds me of "resolution race" of photo cameras back in 2010, when every manufacturer of photo gear wanted to cramp more pixels in their cameras. 10mp. 16mm, 22mp!!! The more pixels, the hotter the product, the easier the sales, the fatter the executive bonuses. Things like dynamic range, color fidelity and skintones were secondary and rarely mentioned.

James Bond "Skyfall" was shot in 2K. That`s 2MP vs 18mp of 6K. Oh, and an Oscar nomination

Now before you jump on megapixel race bandwagon, ask yourself some questions.

Do you have 6K TV? Or a 4K TV?

How many of your works end up viewed in 4K?

Will 6K over 4K drastically improve your storytelling, or provide significant value to you clients?

If you answer mostly no for those questions, then you probably dont need 6K camera.

Pocket 4k has same dynamic range and same great colors.

But wait, there is also a bigger sensor, that does make the image better, right?

Short answer: No. But its a bit more complicated.

Reason 2.

MFT vs Super35: Size matters.

Super 35 is always seem as superior to MFT and in some cases its justified. All things equal, it does provide more control of depth of field, and in some cases provides better low light.

Twice the price for extra 3x4mm of sensor size

But, in case of pocket 6k vs 4k, the advantage is not as clear.

With a speedbooster, pocket 4K can actually become a super 35 or LARGER than super 35 sensor, with added stop of light as a bonus. The light sensitivity of the sensor is same, so considering absence of speedbooster you are actually losing a stop of light on a 6k sensor.

Reason 3.

EF mount is limiting lens choices.

Slapping speedbooster gets you EF mount +1 stop of light

MFT is the most flexible lens mount. You can mount EF lenses with speedbooster, PL mount lenses for that sweet anamorphic or Cooke goodies, or go old school and slap that super 16 lenses that can be rented for close to nothing.

Lenses do matter and greatly influence final image, and bigger choice of lenses gets you more creative choices.

And creative choices is a big, big deal.

Reason 4.

New Cameras are coming.

2019 was really good for cameras. From Panasonic full frame series, to upcoming Red Komodo and even Blackmagics own Ursa G2 they all deliver great specs and image quality. Knowing blackmagic, its gonna take time before 6K pocket will be available (hell, some people still waiting for their pocket 4k!). By that time, companies will offer greater choice, and hopefully lower price. So if you are in no rush to get a camera, your patience will get rewarded.

Reason 5.

Pocket 4k still have all the good (and bad stuff) as the 6k.

From the greatest screen that does not articulate, to amazing choice of media and potato quality internal battery performance, the big brother is more like a twin thats a bit taller. From questionable ergonomics, non-existent autofocus and in-body image stabilization (something that doesn't bother me, but for lots of people is a dealbreaker). It is basically same camera with all its greatness and few weaknesses.

Ask yourself a question. If you shoot a movie on pocket 4k or pocket 6k, would the audience notice the difference? And would they care?

Blackmagic are doing outstanding job with their cameras and totally crash the market, making cinema cameras available to wider audience. New pocket 6K is a great camera, but so does pocket 4k. If you already have a collection of EF mount lenses, and you dont see yourself using PL mount anytime soon, then the choice is easier. For others, pocket 4K is still a great value proposition.

Do you plan to get pocket 6k? Or are you an owner of pocket 4K? Which one do you think is a better buy?

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